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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
Hello there, I'm Alex and I like:

autumn; the ocean; finding myself in fantasy novels; losing myself in fantasy novels; cobblestone streets; mountaintops; lying under trees on sunny days; holding hands; learning through experience; breathing fresh air; the color purple; pineapple; comfy sweatpants; the first sign of spring; creating; drawing; writing; foreign languages; my favourite music; smiles; eating with family; friendship; being myself; being in love.

I dislike:

smoke; loud people on buses; feeling cold; getting out of bed when it’s wintertime; red peppers; erasing words; smudgy erasers; the fluffy bits from comfy sweatpants that get all over when you wash them; working out in front of people; the taste of iron; nighmares; saying goodbye.
  • Watching: Doctor Who
  • Playing: Legend of Zelda
  • Eating: Strawberries and chocolate
  • Drinking: Milk
I'm writing this journal because I don't like the empty space on my profile.  I've had this account for a little while, but I've been very inactive and I'm trying to rectify that and now's a good a time as any to start.

So here's some pointless information about me in case you had any questions, shamelessly ripped off the internet:

:bulletred:General info:bulletred:

-Name/username: Alex/Lorelailah
-Birthday: April 28
-Nationality: Canadian
-Current residence: Montreal

:bulletorange:Favourite things:bulletorange:

-Favourite sea creature: octopus
-Favourite type of vehicle: roller coaster
-Favourite time of day: early morning
-Favourite article of clothing: pajama pants
-Favourite period of history: Europe during the Middle Ages, especially Britain in that era
-Favourite word: there are so many, maybe "autumn" or "ethereal" or "celestial"


-A country I'd like to visit: Finland
-A talent I don't have but would like to have: I wish I could sing
-A subject I wish I could take in school: digital art
-A fictional thing I wish was real: time travel
-Something I want to do before I die: publish a novel

:bulletgreen:If I were...:bulletgreen:   

-If I were an animal, I would be: something that can fly.  I would love to fly.
-If I were given the opportunity to go into space, I would: not go.  I like Earth a little too much.
-If I were to develop a superpower, my superpower would be: mind control
-If I were able to use a time machine, I would: never stop time travelling.  I'd go back and relive all of history, study it all first hand.  I would learn so much like that
-If I were an actor, my favourite role would be: an extra.  I'm the worst actress.  I can't lie to save my life.  Hopefully I'd get to wear a beautiful costume with a corset and billowing skirts and delicate fabrics.
-If I were able to meet my idol, living or dead, it would be: My mom's best friend whom I've met many, many times already since she's over for dinner three times a week.


-A song that makes me happy: Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy by Queen
-A song that makes me sad: In Dreams from the LOTR soundtrack
-A song I can't stop listening to: Siren of the Seven Seas by Sirenia
-A song I can't stand: Anything by Arcade Fire
-A song I like to sing: Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera, but calling it singing is a stretch of the imagination.
-A song I wish I'd written: The Islander by Nightwish

:bulletpurple:Least favourite things:bulletpurple:

-Least favourite food: red and green peppers
-Least favourite chore to do: dusting the house
-Least interesting outing: going to the mall
-Least favourite hairstyle: mullet
-Least favourite subject at school: calculus
-Least favourite season: winter when it's cold and grey outside

:bulletpink:Love it/Hate it:bulletpink:   

-Drama Llamas: I don't even...
-Reality TV: loathe it
-Going to social gatherings/parties: like it depending on the people and the type of party
-Canned laughter/laughter tracks on comedy shows: I don't usually notice it
-Coffee: don't drink it, but I love it in cake
-Gift wrapping things: like it, but not good at it

:bulletred:And finally:bulletred:

-Do you like to daydream?: yes, I do it a lot
-Where would you like to be in a year's time? the same place I am now; never been happier
-Are you afraid of the dark? when I'm home alone
-Do you like looking at the sky, night or day? yes on both counts
-Did you enjoy the last movie you watched? yes, but that was purely because of the company because the movie was pretty bad
-If you met a version of you from another dimension, let's say a fantastical, crazy dimension, what do you think your other self would be like?  a quirky British man in a fabulousl suit, not unlike the Doctor from Doctor Who...

Stay beautiful,



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Happy Birthday! Even though you're never on. :D
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